Virgin of the Birds



Named after a poor English translation of a Salvador Dali painting, Virgin of the Birds treads a line between intimate, lo-fi pop and the occasional grandeur of early art rock. Songwriter Jon Rooney has written, recorded and performed as Virgin of the Birds in both solo and band configurations, releasing two LPs on Song, By Toad Records in the UK and Abandoned Love Records in the US, a bunch of EPs on Abandoned Love and contributions to numerous rad compilations.



9 out of 10 – "This is a marvellous record from beginning to end. There's not a moment of ennui, not a single passage that you want to skip even after repeated listens. All this and a great Lemonheads reference too. This is one that is destined for my end of year lists." – AmericanaUK

9 out of 10 – "The late, great Vic Chesnutt once said that he liked the idea of using words in songs that no-one had used before. I'm guessing that Jon Rooney from Seattle feels the same way. …On 'I Am A Bad Dreamer' he recalls 'I was carnal, I was careful' and makes you think all love songs should contain details like these. …In short, these are songs that invite reverie and revelry; tunes to be devoured whole then savoured individually." – Whisperin' & Hollerin'

**** – "deft lyrics coming on like the product of a latter-day Lawrence from Felt …beguiling, hypnotic and, yes, literate" – Shindig Magazine

"…the reined-in performances and simplicity of the songs training the focus on an uncommon grasp of adroit, heartfelt songcraft that sets Rooney on track to follow the likes of Bill Callahan and David Berman into the pantheon of awkward, visionary American outsiders. Essential." – Herald Scotland

"This is mature, wonderful stuff. RIYL Magnetic Fields or Luna." – Nada Mucho

"the songcraft is the brightest star here and rewards multiple listens, with engaging tales delivered effortlessly with vocals reminiscent of the late Lou Reed's" – Seattle Weekly

"affecting lounge-y, indie-pop with a sincere focus on songwriting" – Beat the Indie Drum

"these songs are laid so bare that, if they weren't this smart and earnest, they would crumble before they even got started." – PopMatters

"If you like the rambling folk weirdness of Felt than you'll no doubt like this as well" – songs:illinois


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*November 19, 2021 @ Slate Bar, San Francisco, CA with Johnny San Francisco
*May 11, 2019 @ Conor Byrne, Seattle, WA with The Foghorns and Doug Hood and the Wholly Heathens
*July 1, 2018 @ Sunset Tavern, Seattle, WA, with Frog Eyes and Hello, Blue Roses
*January 20, 2018 @ Conor Byrne, Seattle, WA with The Foghorns and Doug Hood and the Wholly Heathens
*July 6, 2017 @ The Swillery Whiskey Bar, Bellingham, WA, with Faith Eliott and Anna Arvan
*July 3, 2017 @ Le Voyeur, Olympia, WA, with Faith Eliott and Sawtooth
*July 2, 2017 @ Sunset Tavern, Seattle, WA, with The Foghorns and Faith Eliott