Sunset Tavern with Patrick Galactic and Amanda Winterhalter

Ball of Wax 44 release show, June 11 at Fremont Abbey

Tour of Cascadia with Storm the Palace

Live at the Sunset with Denver Broncos UK and Whisperer

Summer 2015 Mini West Coast Tour

Virgin of the Birds 2015 Summer Mini Tour with Carlos Forster and Mike Coykendall

Wednesday, July 22, Vermillion Art Gallery & Bar 1508 11th Ave E, Seattle, WA with Carlos Forster & Mike Coykendall Doors 8pm | FREE | […]

Live at the Lo Fi with Hot Panda, the Black Tones and Garbeau

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Ball of Wax volume 38 Release Show

Live at the Blue Moon with Black Nite Crash and the Crush

Come to the show Pugent Sounders!

Record Release Show in Seattle

Live at Hattie’s Hat, January 16

Live at Tiny Ninja Cafe

Come to the show!

Live at Cafe Racer, July 19th